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I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and am on the smaller side, I am already showing a little bit and can feel my baby quickening. When I lay down to go to sleep I toss and turn all night long, but cannot get... more
J/w any of you moms get pregnant right after a miscarriage and everything be okay? I know it's mainly a big deal because they want to use your LMP, but with my miscarriage pregnancy they just made... more
Okay so went for an ultrasound today and cannot find baby...Doc said I miscarried. Cervix is closed? and they are going to monitor my blood until I get back to 0..... I couldn't stop crying I am... more
So this all might sound stupid, but I'm so much more sensitive now and EVERY LITTLE THING bothers me. I hate how my myspace has pics of us and has alot about us, but I'm not even on his top or... more
How far along were you when your doctor told you boy or girl? I really want to find out before christmas, but I will be in the 14th 15th week range. Is it possible? If so how? 4D Ultrasound? How much... more
Did anyone else get bacterial vaginitis because they were pregnant? My doctor said it's very common in pregnant women and it's a bacteria NOT YEAST INFECTION. And usually results because all your... more
I'm pregnant with my first child and my fiance is really stressed out because he thinks everything is his duty and he thinks his parents are putting alot of pressure on him because they are giving... more
At 10 weeks pregnant you can buy this test called INTELLIGENDER. They sell it at Walgreens, Target, CVS/Pharmacy. It's 90% accurate. Green is for boy, Orange is for girl. ALL my family and some of... more
Okay so I had an ultrasound on october 29th which said I was 6 weeks, 1 day. I had NOT had my period in September I am 99% sure. I can not remember having one considering I would have had to buy... more