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Wonder what to get your child's teacher for an end-of-year gift? Four things to keep in mind when choosing one: 1. If you got 25 coffee cups every year, where would you put them? Exactly. Same... more
Q. This is our baby's first Christmas, and both sets of grandparents want us. What do we do? A. Stay put, and have those who can make it come to your house. The last thing you need with a new... more
Q. If my child acts up at a playdate, do I punish him then and risk ruining the fun for the other kid? If I wait, the discipline won't make sense. A. In all the excitement of having a pal over... more
Q. My in-laws aren't as nice to my oldest child as they are to the two kids I had with their son. How do I talk to them about it?A. You can't. No good will come of your broaching the delicate topic.... more
Q. My daughter wants her 3-year-old friend to sleep over at our house. Her mom seems cool with it, but aren't they too young? A. There's no magical age at which a child is ready to spend... more
Q. My husband doesn't like our 1-year-old son to have "girly" toys, but I think he should be allowed to play with what interests him. Who's right?A. Let's just put it out there: Your husband doesn't... more
Q. My 4-year-old stole a pack of gum from a store. I thought she knew stealing was wrong. How should I handle this so it doesn't happen again?A. First off, in case you're worrying: Just because... more
Q  I take my 4-week-old everywhere with me, but my mom says I should keep my baby  -- and myself  -- at home. Am I wrong? A Maybe it's time to explain to your mother that you... more
Q. A mom and I used to be close, but we recently had a falling-out. Our 3-year-olds still like each other  -- is there any way I can keep them friends?A. There are a few ways to look at this.... more
Q. Is it totally uncool to bring my older child to a birthday party that my 3-year-old was invited to?A. Totally -- unless you've cleared it with the host first. After all, the mom in charge has... more