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Q. I try to help our preschooler make friends and join groups of kids, but he just clams up and keeps to himself. What can I do?A. You're doing too much as it is. Not too many grown people, let alone... more
Q. My husband's brother has hunting rifles in his attic, and it worries me to have my child around firearms. Do I talk to him about it? A. There's no need for you to be delicate or squeamish.... more
All kids have to go to school eventually, and though it might seem as hard for you as for your child, it won't take long for you both to adjust. To smooth the transition: 1. Get phone numbers for... more
Q. I sometimes feel closer to my best friend than to my husband  -- is that weird? A. Not at all. What would be weird, and most unfortunate, would be not to have someone else in your corner... more
Q. My parents often babysit for my daughter, but they put her to bed late, let her leave toys out, and do other things I never do. How can I get them to follow my rules? A. When you rely on family... more
It doesn't happen often, but every so often, schedules are in sync and no one has night-of excuses, making it possible for a fun moms-only evening. To make it a night to remember: • Agree... more
Q. I have no trouble laying down my family's law when my son's friend acts up at our house, but should I tell his mom? A. If you feel justified disciplining this kid while he's playing at your... more
Q  The way my friend holds her newborn looks awkward. My sister says I'd be meddling if I tried to show her a better way. Is she right? A Listen to Sis. Mind your own beeswax and let... more
Q. It ticks me off that my husband is always on his BlackBerry. How do I get him to leave work at work?A. A pox on PDAs, cell phones, and any other gadget that allows the world to attach itself,... more
Q. My preschooler has gotten a few invites to play with a classmate but doesn't want to go. Should I make her, or tell the mom we're not interested?A. No need to force your child to hang out with... more