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Q. How much should my husband and I tell our 2-year-old about our impending divorce? A. Breaking up is hard to do, but explaining to a child why one of his parents isn't going to be around... more
Q. Some of the more fashion-conscious mothers at my kindergartner's school made jokey comments about my clothes, and now I feel pressured to dress up more for morning dropoff. Should I? A. Between... more
Q. Our 18-month-old lets other kids take his toys and push him around. We teach him to be loving and cooperative but also want him to stand up for himself. How do we get him to fight back? A.... more
Haven't been out since becoming a mom, and you're nervous about leaving her? Five things to tell yourself: 1. Dinner, even at the 24-hour dive down the street, is going to taste a lot better than... more
Q. My aunt has offered to give me a break by taking my newborn for a few hours, but I don't want anyone but my husband or me driving our baby. How do I explain without offending her? A. If Aunt... more
Q. My 6-year-old has been invited to see a movie I think he's too young for. He says he'll be teased if he can't go. Should I let him?A. Nope. It's simple: Grade-school buddies don't get to decide... more
April's showers bring May flowers  -- and kids who think it's warm enough to go without a jacket. Because life's too short for you and your child to spar over outerwear, try this: While you... more
Q. My toddler won't let anyone but me hug or touch her  -- not even her grandmother. It's embarrassing  -- how can I get her to relax? A. My Lila is like that. She'll cut down the... more
Q. I'm tempted to keep our tax refund from my husband, since he'd just go out and spend it instead of saving it. Aren't I right? A. No! That money belongs to Your Family, Inc., and in this kind of... more
Q  My husband takes our 3-year-old into the men's bathroom if she has to go while they're out. It makes me a little uncomfortable; at what age will it be inappropriate? A Contrary to the... more