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Q. My husband's mom spends much more time with her daughter's kids than with ours. How can I get her to pay more attention to her other grandkids and treat them equally? A. Start by trying not... more
Q. My neighbor loves to dish about people we know. Should I worry that my preschooler will start repeating what she hears and pick up the bad habit? A. Uh, yeah. You know that a child is... more
Q. Our toddler ignores her new baby sister. Are there ways we can get her to interact with her more? A. Can you blame her if she's not all goo-goo ga-ga over the new kid in the crib? She's been... more
Q. How can I get my coworker to stop pressing us to buy her child's fund-raiser stuff at work? A. Well, some of that $20 wrapping paper is kinda cute, even if there's enough on the roll to wrap... more
Thanksgiving is around the corner, and your mother-in-law/aunt/cousin/friend—the one who loves throwing big family parties but can't cook a lick—has invited everyone over. Five ways... more
Q. I couldn't breastfeed, and even now that my baby's 3 months old, I'm still sad. My husband thinks I should get over it. How can I get him to understand my regret? A. He may never understand... more
Q. At a party at my mother's, my 2-year-old threw a tantrum and hit me when I tried to calm her down. The older folks were surprised I didn't swat her right back, and said I was too lax. How... more
Q. My husband and I both work, but while I use weekends for chores, he likes to relax. Is there a way I can get him to help out? A. Being upset because he's doing what weekends are for... more
Q. How should I deal with airplane seatmates who might get annoyed by my little first-time flyer? A. The rules I live by when I fly with my family: Don't bother hoping fellow passengers will... more
Q. The mom next door flirts with my husband too much for my comfort. He says I'm making a fuss out of nothing, but I want it to stop. What do I do? A. And why would your husband have a problem with... more