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We all know the many benefits of vegetables for kids - but is there such a thing as a kid eating too many vegetables?
Tips to help mom and dad instill confidence in their babies, and banish infant separation anxiety for good.
Sleep time is the Holy Grail of new parenthood and ideally a time of rest for parents. But where is the best place for baby to sleep?
Q: We adopted our son when he was almost a year old. As a result, he didn't experience attachment-style parenting with us when he was an infant. Is there any way to instill a better sense of... more
Q  My 17-month-old daughter still uses a pacifier. I want to wean her off of it but I was told not to, because it can help with teething. Is there any truth to this? I always thought using a... more
Q  I'm the mother of a 5-year-old girl and I'm pregnant with our second child. My daughter keeps asking me questions like "Where does the baby come out of you?" and "How... more
Q  I am a little confused about my 4-month-old's eating schedule. My doctor told me to start him on rice and vegetables when I thought he was ready. I think he's ready, but I am not sure... more
Q  My husband left for Iraq over 6 months ago, and suddenly I'm a single mom now that he's away. How can I keep my patience with our 2-year-old daughter? I'm so stressed and worried... more
Q. Parenting has many good ideas on getting your baby to sleep, but I need help on getting twins to sleep! My boys are only 5 months. If I let them cry it out, they wind each other up. We have a... more
Q  My twin girls were born six weeks early and our insurance didn't approve us for the RSV shot, and now my girls have RSV. What terms do they go by and which babies qualify for the shot?... more