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Q. My 10-month-old hasn't started teething yet, but I can see the beginning of 2 teeth -- one on top and one on the bottom, just barely under his gums. It's been about a month now, and they... more
Q. I'm concerned about the effect our dog and two cats might have on our baby, who was recently born prematurely. Will the pets pose any sort of danger to my child's health when she comes home... more
Q. My 3-month-old son refuses to sleep on his back or in his crib. In fact, he seems to prefer being in an upright position (such as in a carrier or swing) when he's sleeping. It was fine when he was... more
Q. My 3½-year-old daughter is having an issue with what everyone is calling masturbation. But I like to think of it as a self-soothing technique that she does whenever she's stressed out. It's... more
Q. I am an 11-year-old boy and I'm worried about my weight and height: I'm 4 foot 2 and 128 pounds. My friend told me that when she was 11, she was 5 foot 1 and 72 pounds. That's a 56-... more
Q. My 3-year-old son always imagines himself to be somebody else, from a superhero to a character in a book, and all of us around him have to play along. I have allowed this because I know... more
Q. What exactly causes colic? When my son was born, the doctor told me that he had colic before we brought him home from the hospital. I've heard all kinds of explanations  -- even an old... more
Home treatment for newborns with jaundice or icterus  
Q. Is it okay to travel by plane with a 2-week-old baby? I have to go out of state with my newborn, and I'm concerned about any risk this might pose to her. It will be a short flight—about... more
Q. My son will be turning 3 in a few weeks, and he's still using a pacifier. He loves it so much  -- how can I wean him off of it?A. Many infants' desire, and need, for extra sucking continues... more