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Q. My son grinds his teeth. Why does he do this, and can it cause any damage to them?A. Though teeth grinding (also called bruxism) can hurt little teeth, most kids outgrow it before any harm is done... more
Q. My daughter's cough has lasted for weeks. Why won't it go away? A. Some coughs can persist for a long time—they're usually the result of a virus that's hanging on. If it... more
Q. What could be causing our baby's bad diaper rash --and can we cure it?A. During their first six months, many infants have reddened bottoms to some degree as their delicate skin adapts to... more
Q. My 3-year-old stutters a lot. Will he outgrow it? A. As children learn to talk, mild stuttering (hesitation, repetition, or disruption of words or phrases as they attempt to construct a... more
[BOLD {Q. Our daughter is toilet trained but is starting to have accidents again. Why is this happening --and how can we get her back on track?}][BOLD {A.}] In all phases of development,... more
[BOLD {Q. My baby's such a noisy breather. Could he have a respiratory problem?}][BOLD {A.}] Probably not. In the first few months, many babies often make a racket, usually because of air passing... more
Q  My almost-4-year-old daughter has always been sensitive, polite, and loving. Since her baby brother was born almost a year ago, she has become very aggressive. Now she is hitting, pushing,... more
Q. I'm worried about our toddler getting West Nile Virus, since he plays outside a lot and we live in an area that has lots of mosquitoes. What type of mosquito repellent would you recommend for... more
Q  Help! I'm nervous about bathing my newborn. Any tips? A The more you do it, the easier and more enjoyable it'll be for both of you. Once the umbilical cord has fallen off, a full-body... more
Q  Our 5-year-old still wets his bed. What can we do?A Bed-wetting, especially in boys, is a common developmental quirk  -- and it's not considered a real problem unless the child... more