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Q. My 2-year-old calls every woman we know "Mommy." I correct her when I can, but it is really embarrassing. How can I get her to stop?A. Try to see this for what it really is -- not an embarrassing... more
Q. My 21-month-old is terribly afraid of dogs and cats. We don't have any pets, but our neighbors do. Sometimes when the cat comes to the window, my son screams and starts shaking. He saw one today;... more
Q. I'm afraid my child could have Asperger Syndrome. He's 2½ years old, and he has some of the symptoms: He doesn't speak yet, communicates badly, avoids eye contact, and his... more
Q  My child's feet don't have arches. Is this a problem we can fix? A There's probably no need: Most kids have pancake-bottom feet until they're about 3 years old; after that, an arch... more
Q. My brother is getting married and I'm supposed to be in the wedding, but he told me that my 7-month-old isn't invited to the rehearsal. They don't want a crying baby there because it is an... more
Q. What's the best way to relieve my daughter's sunburn? A. If the skin is reddened but not blistered, it's a first-degree burn that needs only hydration, moisturizing, and time. To soothe it, try a... more
Why there's no need to worry when your baby's BMs are irregular
Q. Should I be concerned about my 3½ week-old's snoring? A. Welcome to the world of noisy newborns! Young babies tend to be noisy breathers in general, because their airways are narrow... more
Q. In the summer, my 5-year-old plays nonstop. How can I tell if he's getting dehydrated? A. When kids are active, the heat makes them sweat, of course, and this can set them up for dehydration.... more
Learn some ways dad can get close to his new baby in the limited time he has at home, and some tips to help him stay in touch from long distance.