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How to stop toddler hitting and deal when bad behavior gets worse
Q. My 6-month-old can't stand to be away from me. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I'm with her constantly, but the downside is that as a result, my daughter gets terribly upset every time I leave her with... more
Q. I'm wondering at what age I can start teaching my son manners—for example, when to say "please" and "thank you," as well as when he should be expected to learn proper... more
Q. My 7-year-old only wants to stay inside and play video games. How can I get him in the habit of being active and enjoying exercise? A. The number-one health problem facing American children... more
Q. I've heard that sharing a bed with your baby poses a danger for SIDS. Is this true? We've been co-sleeping with our 3-month-old since he was born, and I'm worried that I could be putting him in... more
Q. We make all of our baby's food from scratch, but he seems to have a lot of gas. Could this gassiness be caused by the homemade baby food, and if so, are there certain foods we should avoid to... more
Q. It's such a struggle to get my 3-year-old to brush his teeth every night! I've tried using one of those kid toothbrushes that are supposed to make brushing fun, but every night it's the same... more
Q. My child was just diagnosed with asthma. Along with his doctor-prescribed medication, is there anything I can do at home that will help him breathe easier and help keep asthma attacks to a minimum... more
Q. My fifth-grader is complaining of back pain, and I think it's due to the number of books he carries in his backpack. Can this cause irreversible damage? Also, what can we do to prevent back... more
Q. I know it's typical for babies to spit up sometimes, but with my 6-week-old it happens all the time! She's still gaining weight, but is there some way to know if this isn't normal... more