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Q. My 5-month-old twins have very bad cradle cap and dry patches all over their bodies, especially under their necks, behind their legs and in the creases of their arms. The pediatric dermatologist... more
Q. When my 4-year-old is sick, is it best to treat his cold symptoms with over-the-counter medicines? Do they really work? A. As a parent, there are two questions you should ask about over-the-... more
Q. My grandson has been an excessive drooler since birth. He is 20 months old now, with a full set of teeth and we're still changing his bib every thirty minutes or so. Another concern: He... more
Q. My 3-year-old is terrified of the "monsters" under his bed. It's gotten to the point where he wakes up screaming a couple nights a week. It's exhausting for everyone in the house... more
Q. My 2-year-old is always picking things up off the floor and sticking them in his mouth or nose. I worry that he's going to choke or get something lodged so far up his nose, we'll have to take him... more
Q. We're flying cross-country in a few days to visit my parents, but my baby was just diagnosed with an ear infection. Is it okay to fly, or will the cabin pressure make her ear infection worse?A.... more
Q. I'm still breastfeeding my 15-month-old, and I'd like to continue for a little while longer. The problem is, she's started biting me while nursing! It's making what was once a great mother-... more
Q. My preschooler hates going to the pediatrician because she's terrified of getting a shot. She gets herself so worked up that I can't even tell her about an appointment until right... more
Q.  I've heard of the childhood eye conditions strabismus and amblyopia, but I'm not quite sure what the causes them. Is it true that they can be quite dangerous and even cause blindness... more
Q. My two-year-old just recently started going to daycare, and he's been sick twice already. I know it's typical for germs to get passed around at daycare centers, but is there any way I can... more