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Dr. William Sears

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Q. My 15-month-old has always loved being in and around water, and usually enjoys bathtime. However, she's recently developed an irrational fear of water and refuses to go near the tub. What... more
Q. Our dog seems to be jealous of our new baby, whining and even barking when we're tending to her. We've had our pet for over five years, and he's very much a part of our family, too. How can... more
Q. My husband and I recently adopted a baby, and he's been exclusively bottle-fed. He always feeds at night from a bottle, and I've been hearing that he will develop cavities from this. He doesn't... more
Q. My daughter-in-law said her pediatrician told her the baby has "stage 4" colic. Is there really such a condition? A. Over the past five years, pediatricians have been rethinking the diagnosis of "... more
Q. My husband believes in spanking, but I don't. How can we come to an agreement on how best to discipline our kids? A. I've practiced pediatrics for 35 years and raised eight... more
Q. I'm still nursing my two-year-old daughter. We both love the bond created by breastfeeding, and neither of us is ready to give it up. However, most of my friends and family strongly think... more
Q. My 17-month-old knows how to say her ABC's, count to ten, sing songs, and say words like "bumble bee" and phrases like "I love you." Many people have told me that she... more
Q. We've employed the same caregiver for our son almost since the day he was born, and he's grown very attached to her. We recently learned that she has to leave our family. How can I help my... more
Q. My milk flow is generally slow and my daughter doesn't get enough at a feeding, so our lactation consultant has suggested that we supplement with formula. Sometimes, I'll only express two... more
Q. What are the benefits of feeding my baby goat's milk? I've heard it can improve digestion, especially in infants over one year old. Is this true? A. I frequently advise goat's... more