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Q. My 17-month-old's tantrums have become absolutely intolerable. He cries hysterically until, within a couple minutes, he throws up. The only way to calm him down is to distract him or to give... more
Q. Our pediatrician suggested that we use a cold-air humidifier to help our 1-month-old baby's dry skin and congestion. However, I've read these three articles that recommend using warm-... more
Q.  I am trying to get my 8-month-old to drink from a sippy cup, but all he does is chew on it! He's been exclusively breastfed until now, so he's not used to being fed from a bottle or... more
Q. My 10-year-old son, who has always been characterized as "bright," skipped a year in school and is now in fifth grade. However, he was recently diagnosed with A.D.D. He's having... more
Q. Soon after my daughter was born, I started bottle-feeding her with expressed breast milk because breastfeeding was very painful for me. I have decided to try nursing again, but I'm worried I made... more
Q. My kindergartner plays by himself all the time. How do I help him feel comfortable playing with other children?A. Don't fret: Your child's ability to entertain himself on his own is a positive... more
Q. Our 13-week-old daughter has very dry skin. Our pediatrician said we could use any fragrance-free adult body lotion. We've been using Aveeno, but it doesn't seem to be helping. What's... more
Q. I was a stay-at-home mom for the first four months of my daughter's life, but I went back to work several weeks ago. Since then, she has stopped sleeping through the night and has been... more
Q. I need advice on feeding my 8-month-old son. Not only am I confused about all the conflicting advice on solid foods -- how much, how often, and what to feed your baby -- but the thought of giving... more
Q. My 3-year-old daughter loves to play with our neighbor's daughter, who is 5. The problem is, this child has been teaching my daughter bad words and plays entirely too rough. I've even heard her... more