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Q. My 10-month-old son has just been diagnosed with his second major ear infection within only a few months. The first time, it went away after three different types of antibiotics. For this current... more
Q. My 3-month-old is constantly crying while at the breast. He's been doing this since he was about 4 or 5 weeks old. We've already seen a lactation consultant, I've tried going off dairy, and... more
Q. My 4-year-old daughter, who's normally a sweet and loving child, has been acting mean to her 2 ½ -year-old best friend. They usually play quite well together, but ever since she started preschool... more
Q. When should my child quit taking daily naps? Are there signs I should look for that mean he's ready to stop? A. Napping habits vary tremendously from one child to the next. The number... more
Q. I'm the father of an 11-month-old boy. My wife passed away about a month ago, and it's been hard for the both of us. But my concern is for my son. Right after it happened, he would walk from... more
Q. My son is almost 9½ months old, and he still hasn't started crawling yet. Is this normal? A. The timing of certain milestones is extremely variable, especially in the area of large motor... more
Q. Our 5-year-old son just started kindergarten. He gets notes sent home for not following directions, not keeping his hands to himself, and talking out of turn. We've tried putting him in... more
Q. At 7 and 8 years old, my sons have yet to learn when to say "please" and "thank you," or how to make good eye contact with others. For years, I have tried to instill these... more
Q  Our 3-year-old son has been using the toilet effectively for six months, but in the last week or so he has taken to secretly peeing in places other than the bathroom. When I found out and... more
Q. How do I teach my 4-year-old to be gentle with our 4-month-old twins? He likes to help me with them, but sometimes when he does, he gets a little rough. What can I do? A. At 4 years old,... more