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Tennessee woman charged with assault for a positive drug test after giving birth
'Helicopter parenting' has become synonymous with parents who hover too much, but what are Tiger, Jellyfish and Dolphin parents? Dr. Shimi Kang defines the animal metaphors associated with... more
Start by letting your children tackle little activities and following up with praise when they succeed.
Pre- and postnatal exercise specialist Mahri Relin shares safe and effective moves you can do throughout your pregnancy.
Childcare is the biggest budget item for families—ahead of food and housing—but a study says nearly 50 percent of families don't budget for it.
Bethany Kriger Thies, blogger at Bad Parenting Moments, shares her list of favorite parenting bloggers.
When one child goes off to college, it can impact the whole family, especially siblings who are left at home.
Whether you prefer working out at home or at the gym, schedule your workout and make every move count.
Women are responsible for 60 percent of U.S. wealth, so don't just stand by and let your partner handle all your investments. Here's how to get involved.
Will your child be involved in contact sports this school year? Use these tips to keep your kid safe from a concussion and healthy on and off the field.