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An awareness campaign for the 5-year-old's rare medical condition has also raised awareness of her name, which has sparked vicious tormenting.
"She's very focused on foot placement and getting to the top," mom says about her adventurous toddler.
Teen was unable to hold down water and went to the hospital with intense stomach pain
Starting in 2016, a woman giving birth in the state will have the right to take her placenta home with her.
Whoops! Families who thought they were going to see a Disney movie caught a glimpse of a horror flick instead.
A court case questions who is at fault for bullying: the bullies, the school or the parents—or is it all three?
The officer decided buying a cup of lemonade wasn't enough and instead gave a very generous gift.
Planned Parenthood's new campaign encourages people to share how #BirthControlHelpedMe.
Maryland parents are no longer being charged with child neglect, but they still plan to sue the police and Child Protective Services.
The little girl recently died of bone cancer, but her legacy of generosity and friendship lives on.