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The results are in: Kids aren't eating as healthily in the summer as they do the rest of the year. Here's how to keep their nutrition on track when they're on summer break.
The parents were attending a funeral for another family member when the baby was attacked.
The dads-to-be show raw emotion when finding out their partners are expecting.
After being left for dead by her parents, the baby's grandfather saves her life.
The teacher aimed to use the book to help combat bullying but instead angered parents.
Angel Soft ad features adults explaining how their single moms filled both their mother and father roles
Despite a childhood obesity epidemic, parents don't realize their kids' weight problems
This mom's case brings up a controversial legal issue in fertility and consent.
Platonic parenting has different meanings to different people, but no matter its definition, it's a modern trend that seems to be growing.
The kids each had to have an arm amputated after surviving shark attacks that occurred two miles apart.