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The baby's birth shows promise for preserving the future fertility of girls who undergo certain health treatments as children.
You'll be surprised by these kids' honest and thoughtful reactions to finding out Caitlyn Jenner used to be a man.
UK campaign supporters say babies shouldn't be subjected to the pain of piercing, but U.S. experts say piercing creates little risk to children, no matter their age. Where do you stand?
His rare blood type has made it possible to create a life-saving vaccine for babies.
Parents mourning the loss of their baby received a small act of kindness that made a huge difference to them.
Ever wonder exactly what germs are on your kids' hands? This photo gives you quite a visual!
This teen's DIY graduation dress was made from some surprising materials—and has an inspiring message.
When doctors were counseled on how to talk about vaccines, it didn't affect parents' decisions.
If passed, the controversial bill would give a father the opportunity to sue a doctor that performed an abortion after 20 weeks.
The graduation attendees who shouted thought it was all in good fun, but the superintendent is calling it "disturbing the peace."