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The mom was quickly redirected when Southwest Airlines staff informed her of an emergency with her son.
A new book says more wealthy city moms and dads like to brag more about this than how many houses and jewels they have.
New sex education programs that don't just teach biology but also communication and gender roles are more successful, according to research.    
Among Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, there are plenty of opportunities to go all out with red, white and blue foods. Show your patriotic spirit at your next family feast with these... more
Fewer teens are becoming parents, and experts say a few factors could be causing the downward trend.
Olivia Pelley missed her prom because of kidney complications, so her brother planned her a new one.
More parents are allowing their kids to forgo traditional activities for more dangerous and extreme sports. Should they?
Are you planning to travel with kids? These awesome hacks can make everyone stress a little less on the road or in the air.
The young paper-dress maker had the opportunity of a lifetime—to design imaginative J. Crew clothes for other kids to enjoy.
You'd think more involved dads means less burden on moms, but not necessarily.