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Elena Donovan Mauer

Stories by Elena Donovan Mauer

Baby Zain was conceived in a breakthrough IVF procedure designed for women diagnosed with poor egg quality.
While she and her kids were held hostage by her boyfriend, the mother cleverly used the app to get them help.
Some are questioning the school's abstinence-only sex ed curriculum after 1 in 15 students contracts the STD.
Video shows parents need to better teach kids about stranger danger
Mom asks police to simulate arresting her son to curb his repeated misbehavior
Being unable to speak didn't stop this teen from asking his longtime friend to prom
Dad says his 11-year-old should have been allowed to shop without an adult supervising him
A disability didn't stop 5-year-old son from calling 911 to save his mom
Study finds millennial parents have more financial challenges than previous generations
In a note sent home from school, the mom was told her daughter's snack was subpar—and the girl wasn't allowed to eat it.