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Technology expert says kids are likely to download viruses, hack computers and run up huge credit card bills online. Here's how to prevent it.
A new PSA featuring Elmo and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy encourages kids not to fear vaccines.
After being investigated a second time by Child Protective Services for letting their children play alone in a park, 'free-range' parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv are suing.
Since her adoption, La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark has wondered about her birth mother. It turns out, she was closer than expected—in her office building.
Parents are worried the social media "game" could lead to cyber-bullying and more.
Mom was against vaccines until pertussis hit her family
Survey says more grandparents are opting for unusual and creative nicknames over the traditional Grandma and Grandpa
One parent is getting praise and criticism online for an unusual punishment. What do you think of it?
Is your kid using YouNow? Here's why you need to know.
Dollar Tree, Zulily and Target top the list in safety violations for toys