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Heading to the pool this summer? Avoid these mistakes when your kids are learning to swim to prevent drowning.
Every child is different, so learning their temperament differences can help you custom fit your parenting style to their needs.
When these new parents accidentally texted strangers about their son's birth, the men came to visit!
"Vacations can increasingly happen at any time, with any size group, for any number of days, with any amount of notice," travel expert says.
When my daughter and I first talked about giving birth, I said it didn't hurt that much. Did I make a mistake?
We are complete. In fact, I'm confused why anyone has more than one kid because having an only child is so perfect for us.
Whether you're getting on a plane to Grandma's or taking a long drive, these little bags of simple, fun activities will keep your toddler occupied and well-behaved.
Remind kids this is the season of giving, not getting, by using arts and crafts time for projects that make a difference to those in need.
Ease up on the overparenting and teach your kids these basic skills so they'll be prepared for life outside the nest
Haven't been keeping up with the Kardashians? Well, with one momager, five daughters, and four kiddies, this celebrity family knows a thing or two about parenting.