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New moms say doctors aren't discussing breastfeeding, sleep safety or immunizations, but when they do, it's wrong.
Mom hopes her DIY dolls spread the message that girls like superheroes, too.
One teen's nosebleed leads to three diagnoses in one family
"My condition doesn't define me and no way I will let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress."
When it comes to how much is too much screen time, opinions and emotions run high. Where do you stand?
Children are asking for their weekly allowances in digital currency for apps, games and music purchases
States with a Teen Safe Driving Coalition have lowered the number of car crashes involving teen drivers by 34 percent.
The U.S. Department of Education releases a checklist of questions parents should ask to help their kids thrive in school.
Parents thought toddler was inside with rest of their kids taking a nap
Kits are meant to lead parents to talk to kids about substance use, so they never need to use the drug tests.