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According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, sideline behavior by adults is a top contributing factor to kids quitting sports.
We want to protect our kids from the bad in the world, but it's not always possible. Here's how to have the right conversations about scary news to help our kids handle it.
Woman offers a 4-year-old child for adoption in a Facebook moms group, and the moms call the cops.
Strangers have started taking photos of moms doing something they think is inappropriate and posting it online for everyone to criticize
The three siblings who were sent to a juvenile detention center for not wanting to have lunch with their dad have now been released and sent to a summer camp instead.
Missing teen returns home after visiting online boyfriend in Morocco
Some parents are certain the Minion toy in their child's McDonald's Happy Meal swears
In a controversial court decision, a judge sends three siblings to a juvenile center for refusing to have lunch with their dad.
On average, up to one-third of parents show a more positive attitude about vaccines, according to a nationwide poll.
Sextortion is when perpetrators threaten to distribute sensitive material if children don't provide images of a sexual nature