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A Maryland mom has been arrested after coming forward to identify a baby girl left in a car seat by the side of the road as her child.
A Georgia dad heard his daughter screaming from inside the dentist's treatment room, and he rushed in to find her strapped down to the bed unattended.
Fourth of July fireworks are beautiful to look at, but the hearing loss they can cause isn't so pretty
Children who regularly watched 'Sesame Street' saw a positive impact on academic performance compared to kids who didn't have access to the show.
OK parents, it's time to put down your phone and pick up your kid because children feel unimportant when you use your cell phones too much, a study says.
Mom defends herself and her son after critics attack his joyous dancing in New York's Gay Pride Parade
A Massachusetts high court ruled that reasonably spanking children is a parent's right.
Decades of data show that children of same-sex marriage don't differ from those of straight couples.
The controversial bill would require almost all children entering daycare or school to be vaccinated.
The Viaskin Peanut patch could be available for people suffering from peanut allergies by 2018.