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Celebrity dad Ryan Reynolds is getting chastised for putting infant daughter James in a baby carrier incorrectly.
A Baltimore dad has been charged with murder and child abuse after leaving his 2-year-old daughter in a hot car for 16 hours.
Parents are split over a South Carolina school district's new policy to drug test students with school privileges.
Study says kids get the grades their parents expect them to get, especially among siblings.
A new online GPS tool helps nursing moms find, rate and share breastfeeding room locations.
Parents who waited to have kids until later in life are finding older parenthood to be more demanding than expected
The state's new policy directive states CPS should not get involved unless kids are harmed or in risk of harm.
Police say the visibly intoxicated mother called the drive home a "little adventure" for the girl
Get your kids and teens engaged with nature and not their screens by offering them enticing age-appropriate outdoor activities.
Child Protective Services picked up a Florida boy who was playing basketball in his driveway while waiting for his parents to return home