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A female student at a Catholic high school in Virginia was denied her diploma because she wore black sneakers to the graduation ceremony.
A Pennsylvania dad, who has a son with Down syndrome, was allegedly fired from Chili's after complaining about employees' use of the word "retarded."
A new Instagram meme from Mommy Shorts blogger Ilana Wiles showcases hilarious everyday parent moments.
A dad turns the tables on social media-shaming parents, using it to call out the parents themselves for not properly disciplining their children.
James Patterson's new children's book imprint will release eight to 12 middle grade or young adult fiction books a year.
New Jersey middle and high school students are charged with invasion of privacy in a sexting "trading card" game.
Child Protective Services cleared Danielle and Alexander Meitiv of charges relating to a December incident in which they allowed their kids to walk home alone.
Laura McComb and her two kids, Leighton and Andrew, are still missing after floodwaters washed away the home in which they were staying over Memorial Day weekend.
Thank you to the teachers who have helped me raise my child.
A recent and Yahoo Parenting survey reveals how being parents, relationships and work affect people's happiness.