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My 4 year old daughter always complains about being hungry and tired, she naps twice a day for a total of 4 hours and sleeps for 10 hours, but whenever she eats she always gets a bad stomach ache or... more
I went to change my little 3 yr. old's diaper today and there was like an orange discharge? It was like a yeast infection with an orange tint. What should I do???
/my daaughter wants to know what "soggy waffles" is, and i dont even know can someone explain this to me. all i know is it is a sex term?
My husband and I had unprotected sex on April 11, 2011 and i just took a pregnacy test that was positive, would it be able to tell me this early?
I was going through my daughter's saved files on her computer and read a disturbing essay she wrote, Should I be conderned? The essay reads "Chapter 1No air conditioner, no fan, no water, no food,... more
My daughter wants to know why if an awnser to a question at school is 69 all the boys laugh...What should I tell her?
I'm 13 years old and I see that my mom has wrote about me. I was the one that had sex. I went to the doctor but my mom didn't come with me and i found out I'm Pregnant! I still haven't told her... more
OK so my 13 year old daughter walks downstairs and says "Hey Mom, how old were u when u lost your virginity?" So i tell her the truth and say "21" She goes "Ha I beat u!" What do I do?
My daughter wants a facebook. I have one my husband has one so she wants one. she is 12 now but going to be 13 on saturday. should i make her one and then give it to her on her birthday or just... more
My 2 year old had to go "potty" last night so she came to get me. When she walked in my husband and i were having sex on top of the blankets. This morning she came down the stairs amd said: "hey... more