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If I have a night out drinking with my girls how much breastmilk do I need to pump and dump after drinking?
I am overdue, i have been in labor for 24 hrs but my contractions wont get close enough together to go to the hospital. I have an appointment @ 8 tonight to see what they wanna do. In the mean time... more
The last few weeks ive thought of nothing than how bad i want my daughter in my arms. Ill be 40 weeks on thurs and all of a sudden im so scared that i wont know what to do. I dont want my belly to go... more
My fiance and his ex got together when she was 2 months pregnant. He is on the childs birth certificate and raised her for three yrs. He hasnt seen his daughter since his ex left and now that hes got... more
I am 36 weeks and having minor cramping in my lower back and all the muscles in my legs are very achy, is this just part of the third trimester or is it possible that I could have early signs of... more
I am 36 weeks and went to the doctor yesterday, she said she wasn't gunna bother checking my cervix til next week. Then she checked babys heartbeat and went on to measure my belly but said she was... more
I dont know if its related, but in your experience how long after baby going head down did you have labor/birth?
I am 19, engaged to wonderful loving man who is 26. We have been together for 2 yrs, 1 very emotional yr spent trying to get pregnant. I am now 32 weeks an things have been incredibly great. He just... more
I am currently 31 weeks and have been thinking about a sitting upright birth with my partner sitting behind me for support and so I can lean on him during contractions and so on. I think it would... more
I chose not to take any birthing classes, I am now 31 weeks an starting a birthing plan. The book im using says to think about what positions I might want to try but I dont really know anything about... more