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I don't want to offend anyone, at all. I just noticed a few things that I would like to point out and give my opinion on. I have not been on very often, I have been really busy, I have a 7 month old... more
My son Nolan is 7 months old, he has been breastfed since birth, and he has always had trouble latching so I have been pumping and then bottle feeding him. Lately it seems like my milk supply has... more
She gave me sprintec, and I read some things about it and heard it causes Weight gain,depression,hair loss,vomiting,fatigue,diarea, and other symptoms, has anyone taken this birth control and had... more
He is 4 months now and he is 15 lbs and 24 inches long he is huge!! He eats every 4 hours, and is super healthy.He can hold his head, and now he is reaching for toys. He can sit up for like 10... more
He doesn't eat anything but breast milk, But lately he only poops once every 3 days. I don't know if that's normal.
I got induced this morning at 6:00 am and he was born 10:37 am. He is a pretty big baby to be 6 weeks early but hes healthy so thats all that matters. I just remembered that I had my laptop so I... more
The doctor told me that I had toxemia which has happend with a previous pregnancy the only difference was I was 38 weeks so it was safe to have the baby. I have been really worried because they wanna... more
My husband is originally from south carolina and that's where his family is,His grandmother fell and got seriously hurt and he wants to take the kids to see her is okay for me to travel.
Me and my husband have went through like 4 name books and I think we have changed the name about 20,000 times but we finally found one that we kinda like,hopfully we don't change it.Nolan thomas. Or... more
My lower back was hurting really bad so I went to the doctor and he said that it was just braxton hicks,which is what I suspected because I had it around this time in both of my pregnancies. So... more