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My back has been cramping really bad, I have been resting and taking warm baths but nothing works. Should I be worried?
Now for the last few days my baby hasn't moved, I haven't had cramping or bleeding so I don't think it's a miscarriage but I'm worried that something is wrong. Is it normal?
I am soo excited... We are naming him dylan joe hillward. By the way VforVenture I asked about the waterbirth and they said they do have pools for people who want a waterbirth.
I have had birthing plans with all my pregnancies and I plan to have one this time, but I'm not sure about what I want. I had the epidural when I had my son but it hurt for me so I had my daughter... more
Answer the questions below Most embarrassing public tantrum? Worst thing your child has ever said to you? Best day with your child or children? Most romantic thing your husband has ever done for... more
For a boy,Braxton trevor. For a girl,olivia violet.
madison,skylar,shyanne,michelle I like those names and so does my husband which one would be a good middle name to go with bethany.
My son bryer has been begging me to not bring him to school and I sat him down and had a talk with him, he told me that somebody was pushing him in the cafeteria. I went to the princible and told him... more
PREGNANT!. I am 11 weeks pregnant will be 12 weeks tomorrow,We had sex 2 and a half months ago and I have irregular periods so it wasn't a big deal that I missed my period. I am so excited we are... more
I am gonna make a big cake and I have some foods planned to have for her party but does anyone know what would be good games and activities for her party shes turning 4.