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Hollee Actman Becker

Hollee Actman Becker is freelance writer whose work has been featured in Self, Cosmo, Lucky, The New York Post, Philadelphia magazine, Scary Mommy,, Huffington Post and on her own blog,

Stories by Hollee Actman Becker

"If we are allowed to choose what middle school we go to, why isn't Brady allowed to? Just because he has a disability does not mean he is different than us," one friend protests.
12-year-old boy calls hockey plays like a pro for his father and on an NHL broadcast.
"I appreciate that they're trying to keep our kids safe; I really do. But there needs to be some common sense. It blows bubbles," mom says.
Girl petitions magazines to "show girls who are strong, kind, brave, thoughtful, unique, and show women of all different types of hair and bodies."
Talk about a bad night! Cleaning up his kid's vomit in the car turns into a call from the police for this poor dad.
Legislation would require parents seeking exemptions from vaccines for their kids to complete an education session.
Australian model has faced harsh criticism after admitting she sends her 2-year-old to her grandparents' house every weekend, and now she's firing back.
Experts say a gluten-free diet may be doing more harm than good for kids who don't have celiac disease.
"I felt humiliated, getting kicked out of prom. I wasn't going to hurt anybody with a suit," girl says.
Dad is arrested after he and his toddler are found drunk.