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Hollee Actman Becker

Hollee Actman Becker is freelance writer whose work has been featured in Self, Cosmo, Lucky, The New York Post, Philadelphia magazine, Scary Mommy,, Huffington Post and on her own blog,

Stories by Hollee Actman Becker

"If you only knew what her face looked like the moment her orphanage caregiver handed her to me to cradle for the very first time...," mom writes.
The majority of parents pay the cash back, even though most kids don't even notice the money is gone.
Two parents die suddenly within 24 hours of each other
"They just make me smile because they're so colorful and nice," daughter says.
Parents who can't stop checking their phones may be doing more harm to kids than just depriving them of quality time.
"I see her with a medal, and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, she ran the other [race], like for real,'" girl's mom says.
"We were told by the surgeon and other doctors that it was a miracle he survived. All other cases, the kids never came out of surgery," mom says.
3-year-old boy has a sensory disorder that makes him believe it's actually harmful for him to eat.
"Our research shows that spanking is linked with the same negative child outcomes as abuse, just to a slightly lesser degree," researcher says.
Move over nose jobs; teenage girls are venturing into a whole new area of cosmetic surgery.