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i entered my daughter in the cover contest and i was just wondering if anybody else did?
my daughter is 12 weeks as of yesterday. i think shes teething, shes been chewing on her hands alot and pretty cranky and i noticed today that on her bottom gum where the first 2 teeth wouild be, its... more
my daughter is 2 months old but im just wondering when do u start giving the baby cerial or jar food? i think its like 3 or 4 months but im not positive
my daughter is 4 weeks old and i want to get her ears pierced but im not sure how old she has to be
im due on monday but i have no symptoms of this baby comming long wil my doc wait past my due date before they do something to help this along? i went to the docs about 4 days ago and i was... more
im 38 weeks today and these last few weeks are going by sooo slow!! i dont even relly have braxton that a sign she may come late?? i wish we new exactly when she was comming, waitng is... more
im 35 weeks progo and 2 days ago i was having pelvic didnt last to long and hast happened since..what does this mean? the babys mving down more?
ill be 35 weeks prego on sunday, im almost 2cm dialted and 50% effaced. i know not everyones water breaks but i was wondering at how many weeks could it happen? do you lose ur mucus plug first?
i plan to breastfeed but if for some reason it doesn't work out how long does one can of formula last? just curious..i like to plan ahead of time and see how much i would need each month..any ideas?
i just turned 7months on sunday and i've been so exhausted lately..and my back hurts :( you think its to early for me to get out of work? im a cna and do homecare, its not a difficult job but im... more