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so my son's doing great going to be 4 month's already goes by so fast me and his dad are also doing great 1 year... more
ok well as you know me and my boyfriend have been having a lot of problems and i hate it we always argue about the stupid things and all that and i hate it well this weekeend he was gonna take me and... more
i don't know why but im really starting to hate my baby's dad!!! he's now starting to be less supportive he dosen't want to go to work and it's getting harder on me because my son needs diapers and... more
ok mommy's i wanna know that if i am under a lot of stress will it hurt my son because my little brother he'e very sick and he had stopped breathing saturday morning and they have him in icu well my... more
Ok Mommy's Sorry I Ask Soo Many Question's,.. Well My Sister She Just Turned 18... more
ok mommy's well this is REALLY EMBARRISING! to me, well ok everyday i take a shower well my babydaddy watch's the baby and everytime i take my underwear off (sorry im being so discriptive) well i... more
Ok, ever since my doctor said it was ok to go ahead and start excersising but to take it slow! i starrted about two day's later, i started going for walk's, a little jogging,... more
heyy mommyy's(:! well just a question i have for a friend she dosen't know im asking this but i am very concernd! ok well she's like myy best friend can tell her anything and help's me alot when i... more
soo me and my babydaddy haven't been out since i was first pregnant! so this weekend my cousion and her boyfriend had suggested we go out! i didn't want to because of the baby it's been really cold... more
soo i just wanted to let everyone know that my baby is now 1 month since yesturday!(: it's been a hard stressful yet wonderful experience(: i love every minute of it!(: