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im 37 weeks abd my dr told me that my baby is over 6 1/2 pounds and that since im so small he doesnt think my body can handle over 8 1/2 pound baby nautral birth so he said we might have to induce at... more
i planned to have my babyshower on the 30th of january snd we had everything plannned and told people who needed to know to take off work but around the first of the month my fiances brother got mad... more
My fiance hates veggies and i try and get him to eat them all the time but he wont and our son due in about 2 months and i want him to wanna eat veggies when he gets old enough but i heard that the... more
im 32 weeks and it come to start the count down and iv been talking to ppl about when they gave birth alot of them said that their c-section was better then their viginal birth and it got me wanting... more
My sister ,who spent the weekend with us, went to the dr and they told her she had the flu but she didint feel that sick at all and my nephew who we went and saw a lot this weekend cuz it was his... more
i had asd when i was born and they closed the hole when i was about 4...can my baby have asd also? i didnt have a big hole it was a medium sized one and i havnt had problem with it since they fixed... more
im 27 weeks and when i found out i was pregnant i quit drinking green tea but iv been craving it alot and ppl tell me okay now im this far along but i just wanna make sure.
Me and my fiance were together 4 years ago and we had to break up after a few months because i moved but when i moved back into the area we found each other on facebook and it was just like old times... more
I'm 25 weeks and iv been feeling my baby Matthew kick all the time but in the past week he hasn't moved and iv been having false contractions. I go to drtoday and I'm scared of what e might say am I... more
im only 22 weeks but i have a bad back and its been killing me over the last few days...i have old track running injuries and so now my knees and ankles swell alot and it makes it hard to walk....... more