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I haven't posted here in a while... But, I need to post my issue somewhere. I've been taking Metformin for almost 5 months now. December was my last real period. For the past two weeks, I've... more
For the past few weeks (about three) I've been tired all the time, moody as all get out, I've had random headaches and I have had right-sided pain near my lower lung and ribcage. Here's the thing,... more
When I started looking at this forum almost two years ago, it was friendly and full of advice on how to help people with their newborns or through their pregnancies. Slowly, I've seen this site... more
I was diagnosed with PCOS and I've had pain during intercourse before, but not a day afterwards. Has anyone had this before? I'm on Metformin (1000mg a day; have been taking it for almost three... more
I've been on birthcontrol for about a month now, but I've missed a few days (oops). For the past two weeks, there's been A LOT of stress and that could explain most (if not all) my symptoms.... more
The topic is true. I miscarried around the 5th of May, but my husband and I didn't really start trying to concieve until a few weeks later. It's been a year now and there's been no luck. The last... more
So, I recently ended another period and I have hope that my cycle has returned to normal. So, my question is: should I calculate my ovulation time by using the ovulation testers by First Response or... more
Update: I started my period last Tuesday, 24 April 2012. It was a regular period: lining, blood, 7 days, cramps, bloating, mood swings, and the whole sha-bang. My question is this: Should I go... more
I'm sorry, but I really need to express my concerns. You don't have to read this and if you do, then you aren't pressured into replying. My last period was 10 February, which means that I am two... more
Heya Ladies!! Me again. I guess you could call this an update or call this a "worsening problem." Whichever you decide to categorize it is your decision. Beyond all this, last month I wrote about... more