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So, parents, I went to the walk-in doctor clinic today and requested that my blood be drawn. I told them what happens in my family and that I'm rH- so, I need to know immediately if I am pregnant.... more
So, Sunday I took an EPT Test and it came back negative. HOWEVER, I'm still breaking out, still have minor cramps, I've gained about five pounds, I still have to pee every hour, my emotions are... more
As you know, I'm trying to get pregnant and I have been pregnant once before, but I do not remember much about the first few weeks. So, my question is this: what's the first few symptoms of... more
I am three days late (counting today) on my period. I've got a swollen chest, minor cramps, darkened arealos (sp?), mood swings, bathroom breaks come often, headaches, naseousness, I cannot eat... more
I took a pregnancy test this morning and it popped negative. I'm three days late on my period... Should I go to the doctor or wait and take another EPT this Saturday?? Or do you think that it'll... more
I know that says that I should take a pregnancy test the day after my missed period, but that seems too soon for me. Then again, says that it's better to wait a week... more
I have the App called, "My Days" and it says that I have five days of high fertility and one ovulation day. However, and other sites, such as WebMD say that I have three ovulation days... more
My ovulation period was just last week and I was wondering when you first started showing signs of pregnancy. I've been pregnant before, but I cannot remember. This is partially due to the fact... more