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OK, HELP! My daughter wears 12/18 months, and I am having trouble finding plain-colored tees and onsies. Everything always has a graphic or a frill or something on it. I need PLAIN ones. Anyone know... more
My 13-month-old daughter has always been a "mama's girl", but lately she has been VERY clingy. She wants only me, and she wants to be held, played with, etc constantly. I love spending time with her... more
My daughter is 10.5 months old and is about to outgrow her infant carseat. What is the next step up? Convertible carseats? How long can she stay in this next one? What are the best brands? I have a... more
My 7-month old daughter, Claire will start out in her crib at night but end up in bed with us. Her babysitter during the day says that she sleeps by herself just fine for her. She says when Claire... more
My best friend in the whole world is pregnant and she is due two weeks before my daughter tunrs 1. I am super-excited that our kids are going to be so close in age, andI can't wait to throw her a... more i gained 45lbs with my pregnancy ( I know, whoops.) I'm 5.5 months post-partum. I lost 30 lbs in the first two weeks. I was SO swollen I think a lot of it was water weight. I have since lost... more
Ok, I admit I knew a lot of these things about my boyfriend and have stayed with him for 5 years anyways. He is a good person. I love him otherwise I would not have had a baby with him, but he is... more
For about two weeks my 4 month old has been eating a teeny bit of rice cereal about an hour after her last bottle before bed time. Last night we introduced some bananas with the cereal and she loved... more
I dropped out of college, like an idiot, when I was 20 because I was too busy partying, working at my record store job that I loved, etc. Well, I work full time and for the past 2 years have been... more
My 4 month old has been battling allergies and colds for the last month. Her doctor said there is nothing he really recommends giving her since she is so young. I run a cool mist vaporizor at night... more