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Jus wonderin... Wat can b signs of a still birth?! N how does it happn?!
I kno dnt kno how, y, or wat i did rong wen i postd my last post sayn happy thnx givin!!! But it will not freakn go away!! I thought it was jus on my iPod but i seen a comment askn y does it pop up... more
This is not a question.... Jus wanna wish all u happy mothers{&fathers} on here a very Happy Thnx Givin!!! To all that celebrates!!!!! Have fun, b blessd, n wish u many more 2 come;) Gobble Up!!!!... more
Is dere a such thng as ur baby movin 2 much!? Or is dat a good thing!? 27wks n da last 2 days my baby girl jus been movin lik non stop!!! I love da feel n im enjoyn her move!? But jus wanna kno if... more
Ok.. Il say bout da last week or so wen i use da restroom{#2} i wud wipe n c blood!! It doesnt hurt, not constipation, i go at least twice a day!! Is dis normal?!? Or shall i talk 2 ma dr bout it?!?
How wud u kno if u have placenta previa?? R ther symptoms or is it sumthn dat ur dr ca tell thru ultrasound?! Is ther n e way dat we can check ourselves?! Is it true dat liftn ur arms above ur head... more
27weeks 2day... I tend 2 feel my baby more wen im sittn up rather den n e thng else! Ma question is, is dis a bad thng in a way? Lik cud she b movin extra cuz shes tryna say mommy get off me!? Lik i... more
Will b 27 weeks 2moro... I hve heard many of u ask bout not bein able 2 breath or feel baby move as much, n alot of answers been "b.cuz baby is movin up on lungs n baby not havin much space 2 move... more
I am 26 weeks as of 2day{11.6.10}, 1st time mom(besides a miscarriage in 08') but... I been a lil shook up allll week... Mon~My hubby got in a lil fite n i was al scared thnkin he wud get locked up n... more
I went 2 dr other day{10.23.2010} i was 24weeks n 1day, wen dey measured da baby dey sed she's at 25weeks n 3days... N she weighs about 1lb n 6oz! I'm shown pretty much alot... Thru da preg so far I... more