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Stories by kocallaghan

"I'm having a hard time coming to terms with my son's first birthday. I'm overwhelmed at what's ahead. When will I get my bearings again?"
"Is it okay to regift a baby present I know we'll never use?"
Q: My daughter is antisocial on playdates. I can't keep saying that she's tired. Is something wrong with her?
My friend is more relaxed with her baby than I am. Am I too uptight?
Q: For months, my brother's been trying to teach my 1-year-old to throw a ball. It was cute at first, but now he's throwing everything. How do I get his well-meaning uncle to stop?
When my husband's home, my 8-month-old wants nothing to do with me. It breaks my heart that he prefers his dad to me. Am I doing something wrong?
We adopted our daughter from China, and people often ask questions about her background (we're Caucasian). Is there a way to keep strangers from prying?
My parents doted on their first grandkids, but not my son. They rarely buy him gifts and don't seem that interested in him. How do I stop feeling slighted and resentful of my siblings?
My best friend has a 6- and a 4-year-old and is constantly giving me been-there, done-that, unsolicited advice. How can I get her to back off?
My husband wants me to end my gym membership because I don't go. But I'll never get started if it's canceled. Should I give up on my dream of losing the baby weight?