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Postpartum depression doesn't only impact moms; dads and older children can also become depressed when a new baby comes home
CredibleCravings makes whole-food snacks for pregnant and nursing women
No matter how you feel about having sex during each trimester of your pregnancy, always communicate openly and honestly with your partner.
Sure, the kids want candy, but you worry about sugar overload. Here are some sweet ideas that won't give your kids a sugar high.
A study published in Pediatrics has found sleep environment risks for SIDS differ for newborns and older infants
We went through the AAP and APMA recommendations to find the right baby shoes for your early walker.
Study finds obesity is more prevalent among children of divorced parents
It's never too early to start building a child's self-esteem. Lauren is often asked about the race of her biracial daughter, and she has started reading these books to her. The goal is to... more
Study examines whether restricting food and drink during labor is medically necessary.
Researchers find depressive symptoms increase in first five years of fatherhood