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We just found out that we are expecting our 3rd child. We are only 5-6 weeks along right now.. My question is that I have heard that you show sooner with each child has anyone found this to be true?... more
So I started spotting, pink mucusy stuff last saturday sorry if tmi, which was 8 days before I was due to start my period. I had cramping that day and then having the spotting for a few hours when I... more
Ok my cycle is very regular, I start the 26th day of my cycle every month. This weekend though I had a little bit of spotting it wasnt really red tho more of a pinkish. And it only was a little bit... more
I just took an at home pregnancy test and the one line came out dark blue and the results window has a very faint line.. you can barely see it but it is there.. is this still a positive result?!... more
ok so our son is now 10 weeks old.. and I have a couple questions I am hoping that you ladies can help me with.. I dealt with all the postpartum bleeding and all that for right at 5 weeks.. I then... more
Ok I just had my second baby in december.. everything with delivery and everything went fine.. when it came to the postpartum bleeding I dealt with that off and on for about 6 weeks.. now my son is 8... more
I had my son 8 weeks ago.. I had the postpartum bleeding off and off for 6 weeks adn this just stopped about 2 weeks ago.. however now I am spotting all over again.. I started spotting yesterday a... more
Ok my son will be 5 weeks as of wednesday and we are having trouble with him. He is very fussy all the time. He is only happy is he is being held or rocked. Atleast for the majority of the time. We... more
My son was born on December 8, so he is 24 days old now and I am having a couple questions that even though I am not a first time mom I am clueless on.. I am still dealing with the bleeding that... more
Wanted to just drop a quick note and let all the other moms know that we had our son Dominic yesterday dec 8, 2010. He was born at 37 weeks and 2 days, weighed 7lbs 12 ozs and was 20 1/2 inches..... more