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Questions by marsfam101

Having eight kids is hard enough, but when three have autism, life gets pretty crazy.
Natural Family Planning is becoming a more popular birth control choice among Millennial women
New organizations, websites and apps are preparing autistic children for the working world
Children are consuming too much sodium, which increases their risks of high blood pressure and heart disease later in life
Study suggests pregnant women who live near agricultural fields where pesticides are sprayed are at increased risk of having a child with autism.
The negative effects of penicillin on good gut bacteria early in life may make it easier for children to become obese when they are older.
Death is a frightening enough subject for adults, let alone children. Kids are especially scared by the idea of death if it's not properly explained. We talked to experts in the field of... more
Psychologist Penelope Leach suggests that children of separated parents younger than 4 years old shouldn't spend nights away from their mothers.
The U.K.'s National Health Service shifts its recommendation, but U.S. organizations are still split on home birth support.
Eating the placenta after birth isn't a new thing, but it has become something of a "fad" in recent years. Is the practice safe, or are there still too many unanswered questions?