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Colorado teacher turns an assignment to get to know her students into a movement online with #IWishMyTeacherKnew
Mom loves her baby and isn't afraid to show it, but apparently her so-called Facebook "friends" are sick of her oversharing
Nick Loeb seeks to save two frozen female embryos that he created with Sofia Vergara
Alabama teen, Joy Webb, knew exactly who she wanted to take to prom: her 80-year-old grandfather
Mom has been charged with child endangerment for dropping her toddler in an Ohio zoo's cheetah enclosure
Children spent hours in protective custody before their parents were notified of their location
Most teens rely on condoms and "the pill" to prevent pregnancies, but the CDC says two other options are better for them
What mom really wants for Mother's Day—other than breakfast in bed, and perhaps a nice, long bubble bath—is something special from the little ones who made her a mother. Check out... more
L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services and throw quinceañera for six girls in foster care
Dental care is the No. 1 unmet health need for children with special needs