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FDA says pregnant women shouldn't get extra ultrasounds just to create keepsake images or videos
U.S. Department of Education stats show large imbalance between suspensions of black girls and white girls
Google search list captures a year in the life, including what we're buying for Christmas gifts this holiday season
New photos of Prince George have been released just in time for the holidays
Rumors are flying that British actress Keira Knightley is pregnant with her first child.
Mother knew something was wrong with her son and visited 20 doctors before receiving a diagnosis.
British mom-of-five snacks on toilet paper up to eight times per day, consuming about 1 full roll daily.
Schools are cutting field trips for more classroom time, but they could be trimming educational benefits
Mother of four didn't want to waste her extra breast milk, so she turned it into an online business
Study links babies' environment in utero with the potential to develop diabetes later in life