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"Swim lessons are recommended as soon as a child can sit up on their own....It only increases their comfort and their awareness," says Olympic gold medalist Jessica Hardy.
Mom ran out of gas on back road and had no cell phone reception
Parents who have lost children to meningitis had urged the CDC to place the MemB vaccine on the adolescent immunization schedule.
Breathing secondhand smoke during the formative toddler years is almost as detrimental as exposure in the womb.
New law would allow women to bypass doctors and go straight to pharmacists for their birth control prescriptions.
Film producer Gordon Gray and his wife are rushing to raise money to find a cure for a rare disease that could take both of their daughters.
They're world class athletes, but around the house, these six professional soccer stars are simply known as "mom." When this international roster of women isn't busy kicking butt... more
Two sisters opened a lemonade stand to raise money for a Father's Day gift, but police shut it down before they could reach their goal.
What teens post today can really affect their prospects tomorrow. Coach your kid to stay smart online and avoid jeopardizing coveted opportunities.
"I feel I did what any father would do," bus driver says.