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Graco is recalling 5 million baby strollers after six infants lose their fingertips
"I Can Be A Computer Engineer" book shows Barbie relying on male coworkers to get her job done.
President Obama will talk to the nation tonight about immigration reform
Study says women are putting their career goals on hold so their husbands can succeed.
We've all been told milk is good for us, but studies have failed to show it has health benefits, and one found it may actually be harmful.
Five year old from England becomes youngest person to pass Microsoft's IT technician exam
A new test for preeclampsia offers pregnant women a head start on identifying and managing this potentially dangerous condition.
We're consuming chocolate faster than farmers can produce cocoa, which is causing a shortage threat.
Facebook shortens and revamps its privacy policy page to improve user experience
More measles cases have been reported in the United States this year, so far, than during any year over the past two decades.