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A study says women who have placenta previa and have given birth before are more likely to deliver smaller newborns.
While hyperemesis gravidarum is rarely harmful for a growing fetus, it can cause dehydration, which is dangerous for mom.
Pregnancy is full of weird, new and sometimes embarrassing side effects and fears. You aren't alone if you feel uncomfortable asking your doctor questions like, "Will I have a bowel movement... more
According to the Mayo Clinic, the newest noninvasive screens for genetic testing are more sensitive than what was on the market just a few years ago.
Like fashion on the red carpet, celebrity baby names seem to go through trends. One we've noticed lately is names that end with the letter R.
Report says many popular breakfast cereals and other foods are over-fortified with vitamins and nutrients
A recent study suggests babies who are exposed to allergens and bacteria may have lower incidences of allergies and asthma later in life.
Doctor cautions against using study results as an excuse to wait until later in life to get pregnant.
Divorce parties are a new trend that is growing in popularity among separating spouses. Sure, the concept is kind of funny, but does it go beyond kitsch to the point of harming kids who are watching... more
A recent study finds that getting pregnant again too soon after giving birth increases the risk of preterm delivery.