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Omaha cop, Kerrie Orozco, was issuing a warrant when she was killed the day before taking her premature baby home from the hospital.
A guy's first Father's Day is special because, well, he's officially a dad! So why not commemorate this milestone with a gift from baby that he'll never forget?
Video of mom berating her daughter for inappropriate behavior on Facebook has received more than 12 million views.
We've gathered a list of apps that cover a wide array of health services—from in-home doctor visits to new parent advice to helping kids lose weight.
It is rare for triplets to be identical, but rarer still is that two of the girls are conjoined.
A mom-of-three offers six hard and fast rules for successfully juggling kids' schedules.
Four guys volunteer to find out what childbirth pain really feels like, and their reactions are hilarious.
Whether you've got a preschooler or a high schooler, your child is going to love these apps that promise to keep them sharp over the summer.
Federal government clarifies Affordable Care Act policies, so health insurance companies know they must cover birth control.
Public health researchers suggest four ways to prevent kids from obtaining legalized marijuana