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Parents were told their baby had little hope of living after he was born, but 7 months later, he's still going strong.
"We're not doing anything wrong here. We're simply trying to teach our child a lesson," mom says.
Like father, like daughter: 9-year-old photographer follows in her dad's footsteps.
"She was able to pry the cat's jaws open. She's a hero," deputy says.
"I hate repeating designs, so I always try to vary each dress so that they're unique," dad says.
"I can't think of one logical reason why anyone would stamp a note on a child's arm. We have so much technology and multiple ways to communicate," the boy's dad said.
The AMA says teens who get more sleep will improve their academic performance.
Teen's determination to make the football team impresses a stranger so much that he decides to help him reach his goal.
Heroic girl's story serves as an important reminder that you can never be too safe when kids are near water.
40-something mom of three teenagers volunteers to be a surrogate for two gay couples.