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American fathers are more involved with their kids and at home than ever before, but a new report finds we still have a long way to go.
These 11 apps are designed to support the emotional and social needs of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Pick wildflowers, go mudding, ride in a limo; these are just a few items on 2-year-old Shiann's bucket list.
AAP supports updated sleep recommendations for kids ages 4 months to 18 years old.
A fifth of parents admit to spanking their children on a regular basis, but most believe it doesn't actually correct their kids' misbehavior.
"I thought he was crying because he was mad, because he hates when he gets sprayed in the face. I didn't think that it was burning him," mom says.
"It's our responsibility to take care of all animals. All kids can save the world ,and I want them to know that," little girl says.
Woman saves 4-year-old boy's life by holding his head still after car crash until paramedics arrived.
"Instead of looking for the boogie man, a child should look for the person asking them to do something that doesn't sound right," says Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After.
More suspension equal more high school drop outs, and a hefty economic drain on the U.S. according to a new study.