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"It's got a leg like me!" little girl screams after seeing her customized doll.
"God gained another beautiful angel. ... Only God knows why she was called 'home' early," father writes.
Teens will get in more car accidents in the 100 days after Memorial Weekend than any other time of year.
Concussions diagnosed outside of ERs and in children younger than 12 have been missed by existing surveillance systems.
"When I got him, I said, 'This is not my baby,'" mom says.
One daughter escapes car accident with just a bruise and the other is seriously injured. Mom blames difference between car seats.
The parents of the boy are under fire online and under investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department.
Study finds that both partners' sexual satisfaction is affected by mom's stress level.
"My reaction was, 'You don't want to go to prom with your old, bald mom. You'll be embarrassed.' And he said, 'No I won't. I'll have the prettiest date there,'... more
A 6-month-old baby breaks a world record in water skiing. No, really.