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"Her letter has been translated into at least 16 languages, and it has been reported in over 30 countries," girl's uncle says.
"Doug is a very determined guy. He faces things head on and just attacks it," his mom says.
Parents and relatives start pushing and shoving when they're told they can't watch their children graduate.
"I really want to do all the holidays, all his favorite holidays that I'm going to miss," Marine dad says.
Breast milk jewelry is the latest way to preserve your breastfeeding memories forever.
"It's the simple joys in life...." Candace Payne, a.k.a. "Chewbacca Mom," says.
"Every girl should grow up to think she can be anything she wants," book's creator says.
"Yes, I have been given all these bumps in the road, and all this yucky stuff, but if I never got that, I wouldn't have met Lucas," Stella Usiak says.
"We wanted her adoption to be part of her life and part of her story," mom says about video.
"I finished because you needed to see me do it," mom writes in emotional Instagram post.