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"She turns over and saves herself and floats for over a minute and a half. I don't see how there could be anything negative about that," mom says.
Boy donated 13 inches of his hair to kids who lost their locks during cancer treatments, but now he'll be facing chemotherapy too.
Even if swaddled babies are placed on their backs to sleep, they often shift to their tummies, which increases the SIDS risk.
"You give a 5-month-old a humongous Wagon Wheel and it doesn't dissolve magically. There is a good possibility the baby will choke," doctor says.
Anaya Ellick hasn't let her disability keep her from accomplishing big things, like winning a national contest!
"You can't call this a tragic accident. These are really preventable, and we're not willing to prevent them," prosecutor says.
Hospital allowed dogs to lie with baby until she passed away May 2.
The teen was allegedly told by a ride operator she "would be fine without" a working belt.
Couple leaves waitress, who is raising triplets by herself, a generous tip and a request to "take care of those boys!"
A new "reverse suspension" policy brings parents to school with their child, instead of the child staying home.